It’s been 7 years since the first Grottenduro event, this offroad “party” takes place always in October on the hills of Sarego near Vicenza. The event was born in order to remember one of us, a guy called Tonino Maestrello who unfortunately is no longer with us. Tonino’s┬ápassion for enduro was really big and being a person loved by everyone living in this area, these hills are used for one entire weekend a year to trace a 5 minute enduro track where anyone can participate, have fun and eat good food.

Another important and awesome thing is that all the money from the entry fees are then given to charity.




This year i was there on a Honda CRF 250cc together with Lucie, Alessandro and Franco.



I must say that thanks to the heavy rain of the past days combined with the sun and good weather of today (Saturday 22 october) the terrain was absolutely amazing. You probably know the feeling of excitement while riding on dirt that has the same consistency of play-doh and your wheels stick so much to the ground that you are able tu do turns with your handlebar almost touching the ground.


The loop was partly made like your typical enduro cross test whereas another section was traced in the forest on rocky single trails, last but not least you could choose some parts if to do the hard version that had a couple of extremely slippery and steep up and downhills or the easier one that was obviously easy. Like every year loads of people attended the event and tomorrow (Sunday) we will replicate the fun hoping on another sunny day.