My experience on riding motorbikes inside tarmac circuits is surely limited but i must say that testing the new Ducati Hypermotard 939 SP in Spain on the circuit of Igualada was somewhat extraordinary.

Without speaking about the technical data, because you can find it on practically millions of website, i’ll quickly share with you which were my riding sensations. This bike could be considered almost a dual sport for asphalt lovers, the different ways in which you can handle the bike makes it also perfect for people like me that have an offroad background since you are able to ride it using both motogp technique leaning your body and knee down on the ground or offroad technique, leg out and bike leaned to the floor. Personally i felt like i was almost riding an offroad bike glued to the ground.

Initially i was worried about the speed, this beast can quickly get you to 250km/h which is significantly faster than what offroad bikes reach, but the strange thing was it felt easier to go 250km/h on the circuit’s straights rather than going 150km/h on a gravel road with an offroad bike. The Ducati has simply an impressive stability, this favors going full throttle and feeling safe. Generally i would consider this the perfect transition bike for those riders that have only offroad experience and want to begin to ride road bikes because the transition is surely softer than hopping directly on a sports bike.