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I haven’t been on YouTube for a while…..but I’m now finally back! Interesting stuff coming out soon!


Scorpion Exo VX 21 Helmet

Did a small video review of the new 2017 Scorpion Exo VX 21 Helmet showing its main features and giving a general overview of this product which I used at Dakar 2017. To check out all the different color schemes of the VX 21 just check out the Scorpion Sports Europe Website



Just came back from the Dubai International Baja 2017 also first round of the Baja World Cup. What can i say? The race was simply too much fun, 2 days racing in the Dubai desert all off track on the dunes. The race was articulated on a total of 3 special stages that summed up to 374km of specials. I had the chance to take part in this race thanks to James West and the whole Team Crazy Camel/Rebel whom provided me with a Yamaha WR450F 2017 equipped with all the necessary instrumentation and a 15 liter fuel tank.

Race was going super well finishing day 1 in 6th place and running 5th in day 2 until 750mt from the finish where a technical problem due to a crash caused my bike not to start anymore…..hence i had to push it through the last 3 dunes to the finish losing over 20 minutes and ending only in 9th place. Real bad luck but in any case this has been a great experience and the chance to do a great training on dunes. I was very happy to see that finally i’m gaining back the speed to race for a top result. Now back to work and training until the next race!

2017 BETA RR Model Range Test

This summer i was able to be one of the first riders to test the new Beta RR Enduro 2017 model range getting the chance to ride all the models; 350cc, 390cc, 430cc and 480cc 4 stroke but also the 2 stroke 250cc and 300cc. To start with here a video while riding the RR 350cc and you will be able to notice how the Beta is extremely agile in the forest and easy to handle even when there are continuous changes of direction:

Personally i think the RR 350cc is the model on which you can feel the biggest difference regarding the engine performance if compared to the 2016 models. Beta hasn’t made any major changes to their model range so i didn’t really feel much diversity especially on the 430cc and 480cc. What is for sure improved are the front Sachs forks that i use to hate on previous models but this time i have to give them credit because they work well and come out with a good setting that is designed for only an Enduro use.

ECU maps on all range have been slightly adjusted and all the bikes have a really good and smooth acceleration which helps you find grip even on slippery rocks. The braking compartment counts on a precise response. Generally the bikes are very balanced putting you in a position of safety even when your wheels are no more on the ground.

To end with my personal verdict is that Beta is an amazing bike for amateur riders and it provides a good dose of fun. You can perceive the built quality and feel its a Made in Italy motorbike. Would i buy it? Maybe, but at this point being several years that the models haven’t gone under big surgery, i would wait the 2018 range since my guess is that the bikes will be re-designed and significantly updated.

Husqvarna Light Rally Build


Just delivered back to a client his Husqvarna 300cc 2 stroke enduro bike on which he asked me to install:

Personally i liked a lot how it turned out, it was the first time i installed the led light keeping also the standard headlight but i must admit it gives the bike a really aggressive look other than a much stronger lighting power.

New Laser Cut Machine!


As most of you already know i have been working with Rebel X Sports Srl since the founding of the company back in late 2013. At the moment i am managing all R&D but also Marketing and Communication. This said i stressed so much the board of directors over the last year that finally we have our own laser cut machine in order to internally produce all the parts we want. In particular i have spent the last 6 months developing a totally new tower that today went into production with our new machine! I must admit i am very excited and can’t wait to present the final product. Meanwhile a couple of shots of the new machine cutting the first navigation tower components 🙂