I must admit I have never been very attracted to custom style nor cafe race bikes too much, but having the chance to ride the new Yamaha SCR950 made me change my mind. This new 2017 model that is part of the Sport Heritage line of the Japanese brand features some new designs compared to the previous model. The rear subframe has been redesigned completely making the seat higher in order to give the bike a more comfortable feel but mainly to give you the chance to ride standing up when going through gravel roads.

Can we really bring the Yamaha SCR950 offroad?

Even if its not designed for heavy duty offroad I was amazed on how well it performed on the dirt roads of Sardinia, it chassis and weight make her extremely stable making you feel safe and providing an easy handling. Suspension wise if you hit a bump at high speeds you will for sure get to the end of the suspension travel but at slow speeds the softness of the forks make it enjoyable while riding without getting you tired.

The engine is a beast being 950cc but all this power is delivered smoothly, newbies shouldn’t be scared from the 950cc because the bike can be rode literally by anyone.

When riding on road the low position of the footpegs make it super easy to get them grinding on the asphalt in turns. I actually enjoyed this because it makes you feel like a cool badass rider LOL.

What emotions does the SCR950 transmit?

Personally the great comfort position you have while riding makes you want to go on an adventure and escape every day life. The refinement of details on this bike is fascinating, true Japanese precision, you get on the seat of the SCR and you feel passion! The best part, in my opinion, is that any moment while you are riding that you see a gravelĀ road with the SCR950 you can just go and explore it.

In Italy its price is 9.890 euro and is available in 2 colours; Vivid Red or Yamaha Black.


Published by Manuel Lucchese

Trying to pursue my dreams through hard work, passion and dedication. Grew up in the motorbike industry and currently working as test rider, desert racer and running my business.